Marshall Davis Jones is a world-bridger

Beginning through the ranks of the National Poetry Slam circuit, he thrives on the rigorous challenges of meaningful communication.

With poetry prose and song,
combining elements of your story with elements of art,
Marshall strives to bring visceral power to your message.

Shifting his focus to a greater calling,
Marshall finds home as a change agent in the world of tech,
business and social innovation.

He has featured as TEDx conferences,
Wired Global, and Lexus’ Verses and Flow.
John Lequizamo, Jordin Sparks and even Will.I.Am have called on his creative efforts.
His talents have also contributed to the likes of NuSkin,
Proctor and Gamble, ebay, and The New York Times.

He frequents colleges & universities and teaches youth poetry across the country.

When he isn’t creating, he is picking his daughters brain for the keys to the universe.